China cast iron kitchenware

Our Factory
Qingdao Hengfeng Metal Products Co., Ltd. is established in 2001 and is located in Qingdao city, Shandong Province, which is a well-known sea port city in North of China. We are not only a foundry, but also do machining and assembling.
Our Product
We are specialized in supplying various cast iron wood stoves, gas stoves and burners, cast iron cookware, cast iron floor sinks, cast iron enamelware and different grades (tensile strength) of cast iron parts for overseas market for more than 10 years.
Product Application
Cast iron wood stoves are not only used for house heating, but also are one of the decorations in the living room. Cast iron gas stoves and burners and cast iron cookware are the favorite of the housewives when camping and entertaining friends. Different grades of cast iron parts are made as the machinery parts.
Our Certificate
We have good experience and reputation in supplyingAmerica,Australiaand European market. Some cast iron wood stoves have acquired Australia SAA certification. Some cast iron gas stoves and burners have acquired Australia SAA certification and CE certification.
Production Market
We have good experience and reputation in supplying America, Australia and European market.
Our Service
We have very experienced casting technicians and workers and very responsible inspection staff.
As a supplier, our advantages are:
Best quality assurance
Very competitive prices
Fast timely delivery
Good communication
Custom make as per your sample or drawing
Be honest and faithfulChina cast iron kitchenware
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